H.D. Grogan

Independent Fantasy & Science Fiction


The Star and the Web: Book 1 of the Web Series

Calyx has never caused trouble before. Having earned her blue mage’s robes after years of training with the powerful Afterii Order, she has proven herself a diligent student and loyal subject of the Erasten Empire, though she quickly finds herself in over her head as the Order struggles to respond to growing reports of poisonous, twisted magic. But when the truth about that magic leads her to question the Order’s teachings, she can’t help but be alarmed when her concerns are dismissed as fantasy, eclipsed by reports that the dangerous and quasi-mythical Nerenii have returned from centuries of exile. Certain that her Order’s own magic poses an even greater danger, Calyx has to decide how far she will go to avert disaster, and at what cost.

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Spider in the Web: Book 2 of the Web Series

What do you do once you’ve changed the world? Centuries of history changed when Calyx healed the web of life, and now she and her friends must learn to survive in an unfamiliar world. Confronted first by hostile Ankena warriors, a new and untested magic narrowly saves their lives–but this may be their only refuge in a land now ruled by a dangerous priesthood with powers of its own. As they struggle to get their bearings in this perilous new world, new dangers threaten to tear them apart and bring down their precarious safe haven.

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